5 Facts You Need to Know About Your Health and Anxiety

If you have suffered anxiety symptoms, you are not alone. The US is not alone, (2013) reports, " 3 million Canadians (11.6%) aged 18 or older reported that they had a mood and/ or anxiety disorder".


Anxiety can cause restlessness, rapid heart rate, heavy sweating, weakness and being tense. If left untreated, the anxiety symptoms can start to perpetuate the anxiety. This can leave you in an ever growing anxiety problem.


Here are 5 facts you need to know about anxiety and your health.



1. Basic life activities and ability to work are the most common affected areas.


Anxiety symptoms can hack into yourself and keep you from feeling like yourself. The most common areas affected are your most common daily actions.


2. Despite the large number of people with anxiety, less than 23% actually seek treatment.


Initially you may shrug off anxiety symptoms. Depending upon your life situation may be ok, at first. But if you experience prolonged symptoms, treatment is your key to feeling better


3. People with anxiety disorders go to the doctor 3–5 times more than those who do not suffer from anxiety.


Anxiety creates psychological reactions in the body. After an extended period of time with your body stressed, it is easier to feel unwell or catch an illness.


4. Anxiety is a complex development that includes brain chemistry, life events, and genetics.


Anxiety is complicated. Old advice to "just get over it" doesn't work. You are more than your anxiety struggles.


5. Effective anxiety treatment can improve your symptoms and life.


Working with a specialized counselor can help you understand your anxiety. You will work together to develop positive effective coping.


Anxiety disorders are some of the most common mental health issues in Canada. Struggling with anxiety that interferes with your life. Over a prolonged period of time, it can get worse. It is time to find relief. If you are looking for an anxiety therapist near the North Vancouver area, Dana Millar Counseling is waiting for your call.


I am here waiting and ready to find a solution to your anxiety symptoms with over 10 years of experience. Schedule your appointment with Dana Millar Counseling for women today.


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