4 Ways to Overcome Self Esteem in Teens

In a new world of overwhelming technological evolution, being a teen is challenging. Each youth faces different life challenges than before. As a parent noticing a child withdrawing more than usual or more irritable, it may be low self esteem. Low self esteem left untreated can cause or increase anxiety or depression.


Here are 4 ways you can encourage your teen to overcome low self esteem.


Build a supportive group of friends and family.


Surround yourself with people who understand your struggles. People who you can openly discuss your feelings about low self esteem.


Find a hobby or volunteer.


Seeking out your interests and developing a hobby is a great way to build confidence. It also allows you to develop a relationship with yourself. Another positive, it opens doors to meet people who have similar interests as you. When you volunteer, you are not only helping yourself, you help others. Again, this is a great place to meet others who have similar interests and values as you.


Become your own best friend.


Once you know more about yourself, become your own best friend.


Identify your best qualities, just like you would see in your best friend. Have the same compassion towards yourself as you would a friend. This can help you to see the best qualities that make you, you.


Remove comparison thinking.


In the age of social media, looking to others to compare yourself may seem like a good idea. It is important to remember this is not setting yourself up for success. Even the most beautiful, rich, and talented artists have someone who is "better" in some way shape or form. Stepping back and understanding it is the unique qualities that we love above others, and what we should love about ourselves as well.


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