Your Teen


Youth can be a time of energy, passion, joy, friendships, and fun...but it can also be a time of stress, pressure, hormones, conflict and anxiety.  It seems that teens today experience more anxiety and depression than any other teens in history. As a parent, there is nothing more stressful than watching your child suffer. On the other hand, parents often feel frustrated with a teen who is shutting them out, not doing well in school, or pushing the limits on curfews and rules. 

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The good news is that in general, teens are more open about their mental health and willing to talk about it. The fact is, everyone has mental health, and everyone falls somewhere on the mental health continuum between emotional well-being to not managing well, to crisis.  As a secondary school counsellor in North Vancouver, I have supported youth through divorce, grief, suicidal thoughts, and self harm.  I have helped young people build a resiliency toolbox to manage stress and anxiety, improve their mood and manage conflict. Whether you are looking for parenting support or counselling for your teen, I am here to help.

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