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Anxiety & Stress: About

Anxiety, Panic and Worry

stress and anxiety

"We live in a world where stress and anxiety seem to be epidemic" 

Although anxiety is a frequent topic of conversation these days, it has not always been that way.  Excessive shyness, perfectionism, avoidant behaviours, and emotional breakdowns, for example, were often misunderstood and considered personality traits. Today, we know that anxiety underlies many of our unwanted behaviours including procrastination, obsessions, lashing out, melting down and withdrawing.


How is anxiety showing up in your life? The purpose of anxiety is to keep us safe from danger.  Unfortunately, many of us have anxiety that keeps us from living the full and rich lives we want to live. Having done the work to overcome my own social anxiety, I know what it's like to cancel events at the last minute and avoid opportunities because of anxiety and panic.

Whether you have an anxiety disorder, obsessions, panic attacks, or just need help managing overwhelming stress, there are a variety of therapeutic methods that can provide both short and long term relief. In my experience, a combination of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy with mindfulness, provide the long term strategies to overcome the cycle of worry and adopt behaviours that lead to a healthy, balanced, and values-directed life. You may also be interested in trying Accelerated Resolution Therapy.

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