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Depression and Low Mood

Lacking motivation, trouble getting out of bed in the morning, feeling hopeless, inadequate or guilty? It could be depression.

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Depression & Low Mood: About

What factors might be related to my depression

Family history, difficult life events, loss, trauma, violence, chronic illness, divorce, and low income are some of the factors connected to depression. Whatever the underlying reasons - what you know for sure is you want to feel better.

What does depression feel like?

  • "I don't enjoy spending time with friends anymore"

  • "I feel like I'm functioning in slow motion"

  • "I can't get myself off the couch"

  • "Life is not worth living"

  • "I have no energy"

  • "I can't concentrate"

  • "What's the point?"

  • "Nobody cares"


Am I broken?

No, you are not broken or damaged, but you are clearly suffering. 


How would your life be different if you weren't feeling so down? What sort of things would you start doing? How would you feel about yourself? What goals would you work towards achieving? These are some of the things we would explore in therapy.


Are you concerned about your substance abuse, self-harm, over-eating, or gaming for example?  Many of us turn to unhelpful coping methods that make us feel better in the short term, but can make things much harder in the long run. While they temporarily ease the pain of depression, they do not end the suffering for long.


Whatever brought you here, I would like to help. Together, we can find long term strategies so you can feel better, and replace old coping mechanisms with more helpful and self-empowering ones. 

If you would like to know more about me, or how therapy can help, please email me and we can arrange a free consultation.

Depression & Low Mood: FAQ
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