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One of the most important and profound experiences we have as humans are our connections with other people. Positive, caring relationships can help us feel healthier, happier and more satisfied with our lives. When things go wrong, however, they can be incredibly painful and stressful. 

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  • Why are break-up so painful?

  • Why do I get so attached to people who aren't even good for me?

  • Why am I attracted to those who don't like me back?

  • How do I change unhelpful or toxic relationship patterns?

  • Why am I constantly worrying about my partner leaving me or cheating on me?


Whether you are going through a painful divorce or break-up, trying to get unstuck from something toxic, or constantly worrying about the status of your relationship, counselling can help to heal painful wounds and take steps towards building emotionally and spiritually healthy connections.


Or making-up



Conflicts are a necessary part of any relationship. When we have the skills to manage our strong emotions (especially anger or worry) and communicate effectively, conflict can actually strengthen our relationships and deepen intimacy and connection. 


Is therapy for me? 

  • you engage in frequent arguments with your loved ones that leave you feeling stressed, angry or unloved

  • you feel needy or jealous and worry that your partner may leave you

  • you deeply want to have a relationship, but you run away when things get too close.

Together we can explore the root of these thoughts and behaviours and get you on a new path towards creating more harmony in your primary relationships. All relationships, expressions of self and identities are welcome!

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