How to Find the Right Depression Counselling Near Me

If you have found yourself struggling with depression, you are not alone. Over... meet the criteria for depression.  Depression affects various groups of people that span a variety of ages, races, socioeconomic groups, and ethnicities, however it seems to affect women more than men.


Often well-meaning friends and family will tell their loved one suffering from depression to "get over it." Depression is a chronic condition that benefits from professional mental health counselling. Finding the best fit counsellor for you is a game-changer in your treatment. Here are questions to ask your potential counsellor to get meaningful information to help your decision.


Can I meet you before committing to a therapy session?


Depending upon your comfort level, embarking on the healing journey is a very personal one. Finding a counselor who understands your hesitations and will help ease your mind as you begin. You can generally get a pretty good feel for someone during a phone conversation, but sitting down face-to-face is best. Once meeting up with one to three of your potential counselors, you will be able to pick the best for your needs.


While meeting with your potential counselors, here are three questions to help start your conversation.


1. What are the benefits and primary goals of my depression treatment?


2. What will my therapy consist of and how often are visits?


3. Are you willing to coordinate with other members of my health team to coordinate depression treatment?


Asking these questions will set the preliminary tone and help you gauge if you are comfortable with him or her. Finding a counsellor you like and trust is the most important first step to your road of depression healing and recovery.


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